Is golf too expensive?

Myth Busting Article About The Golf Game

Our question today whether golf is expensive or not is too complicated and so must be answered accordingly. Most people see golf as a costly game without realising the reality behind it. We will try to explain today some myths behind this thinking and bring the real picture to our golf lovers. So, what made you think that golf is an expensive game? Do you ever try to investigate the reality of it? And many other fundamental questions need to be answered today.


Let’s search for our answers!

Today’s media often show people the expensive side of the golf game and try to portray it as the costliest game on the planet. Well, that is true to some extent but not the full reality. The real fact is that if you are a professional player in any game, then you will be spending more compared to an average player. This simple concept often not realised by the people who want to play this game. E.g., if you are a professional golfer, you will be using custom fitted cloth, costly courses for tournament preparation, video lessons for tactics, expensive equipment that will provide an edge over other, etc. These all conditions are not applicable to a common person who wants to play golf for just enjoyment and fun.

If I can say in one sentence about these media “they are simply wrong”. When it comes to golf membership, the media always bias towards showing the costliest club in the city or country. It not only gives a wrong message to people but it also affects a golf lover on an emotional level which keeps them away from enjoying this beautiful game.

Today, many municipalities offer their golf courses at an affordable price where any average person can go and play. These courses are not only cost-effective but also provides a good quality course where you can play without any problem. You can view a full article on this here:

You may have questions about, what about golf equipment?


The answer is “where there is will there is a way”. You must know what to look for in your game when searching for golf accessories. It all depends on your preference and budget as well.

Today’s media propagates false news nowadays that golf accessories are expensive. Maybe they have their own agenda behind it. Who knows!

But, we have to investigate it and must analyse whether it is true or not. When you see a piece of news about golf, it is heavily focused on depicting the picture of most priced equipment. For instance, drivers that cost more than $500, iron sets that range between $1000-1500 range, dozen golf balls for $80, etc. These attention-grabbing headlines are purely for the virality on social media which ultimately hampers innocent golf lovers and misdirect them about the game.

There are plenty of ways a person can acquire golf equipment at reasonable prices. Many wholesalers offer various range of golf accessories at an affordable price with full kit including with headcovers, bags, branded-clubs, etc. Many of these sets come in between $250-$300 range. One such example chain is You can also look for used sets which are readily available at Kijiji, eBay, on popular golf forums, etc.

Another most common question new golfers have in their mind is about the apparels. They think it has to be entirely proper. But, today most clubs have cut down their restrictions on maintaining the dress code. In any case, you can easily find inexpensive golf apparels anywhere.

If you are a new golfer, you may be thinking about the instructions that will be needed initially and its cost. You may be thinking that it will be very costly for you. Again, you are wrong. You can cost-effectively get same instructions from municipality courses where they provide it in groups and semi-privately. You have to be aware of such notification when comes out. If you are not so active in catching up these alerts than do not worry about it. offers some rudimentary programs like “Get Golf Ready” where you can learn instructions for $99.

In this program, you will be learning some necessary golf elements which will be a great benefit for a beginner. Things like: full swing, grip, warm-up, golf terminologies, etiquette, putting, chipping, driving and more.

Lastly, in case you are an online learner or virtual learner, you can always look for DVDs and online courses for cheap.


Don’t get fooled by these bias media where you will be showed news filling with agendas of their own. Take the responsibility of knowing what is right by experiencing and playing the game by yourself. Have you ever inquired any municipality golf courses that we have discussed above? If no, go out and get the real number about golf expense, not only courses but other things as well like golf equipment and instructions as well. It will not help you get the expense of playing the game but also turn you into a dedicated and responsible golf player for the lifetime.