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15,000 + annually: UNSOLICITED Résumé submissions (A Sports Agent’s Story)

Sports Job Seekers, I recently had a conversation (eMail back-and-forth) with a well-known Sports Agent, whose name shall remain confidential. The purpose of my conversation and inquiry was to verify a story I read on a Social Media platform, that this agent and his firm receives up to 20,000 annually in unsolicited Résumé submissions. Unfortunately, the agent confirmed the information. The agent did however provide a category breakdown of the job seekers as follows: – High School Students  (Seeking Internship opportunities) – College Students (Seeking Internship opportunities) – Law/Business School Students (Seeking Internship opportunities) – Those seeking a career change NOTE: There is a 2nd group within these submissions, those seeking representation from the agent (Ex. News Media personalities). The amount of competition continues to grow within the population of those seeking employment within the Sports Industry. Question, what is the current state of your candidacy? Are you using Social Media to help promote your personal brand? Forward a copy of “all” employment documents to [email protected] for a FREE analysis.

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How Productive Are You [?]: Achievements, Benchmarks and Metrics

SPORTS INDUSTRY CANDIDATES, This is pure speculation, but there are only two new jobs that have been created within the last 10 years: Mobile Application Developer and Social Network……(fill in the position, thanks to Apple, Facebook, etc….). With that said, as a candidate, what can you add or provide on your Résumé/CV to distinguish your candidacy from the competition, getting noticed by Hiring Managers and Recruiters while navigating through the Applicant Tracking Systems? I recommend including some form of “measurable” ACHIEVEMENTS/Benchmarks or Metrics for each employment position listed on your documents. This will display how productive you are (current position) and were (former positions) to potential employers. Your potential employers would like to know the type of person (work habits) they are considering bringing into their organization. The Résumé/CV of most Sports Industry job candidates resemble the contents contained within a job description: 3 to 4 bullet points of information documenting the responsibilities of the position. Nothing distinguishing. Examples of Achievements include the following: Sales Numbers ($ amount), Attendance Numbers, Social Network platform [Connects, Likes, etc…], Sponsorship dollars, # of recruits who became starters on 500 + teams (Coaches), etc… Remember, include some form of Achievements [Benchmarks or Metrics] for all employment positions, current and former. NOTE: If one-to-one help is needed in completing the Job Application Screening Questions, give me call: www.clarity.com

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The Cover Letter: Address HOW you meet the minimum requirements

There has been a pattern among Sports Industry candidates noticed over the past months in the development of the Cover Letter (Research comes from the analysis of FREE review services). Most candidates are using their Cover Letter to repeat information located on the Résumé. This is the wrong approach. Remember what the purpose the Cover Letter serves: to introduce your candidacy to Hiring Managers, forwarding their attention to your Résumé/CV (The 30-second time table). Noticeable repetitive information can be a hindrance to securing the Hiring Manager’s attention, which heavily depends on your content (This is especially true if the information is not related to the employer’s needs). Always remember that employers are flooded with Résumé/CV submissions (Which is why most are using electronic Applicant Tracking Systems [ATS]). The Correct Approach in writing a Cover Letter: Address HOW you meet the minimum requirements listed within the job description. Why? This removes your candidacy from the “Unqualified Applicant” submissions. Steps to help guide your approach: 1st – Study the job description 2nd – Compare the Minimum Requirements to your unique Areas of Expertise 3rd – List employer’s Top Priorities for posting this position (Comes from Step #1) 4th – Address HOW you meet, or are qualified to meet the Top Priorities 5th – Provide examples of related Achievements Look at this job posting from the San Francisco 49ers organization. Can you tell top priorities or the purpose for listing this position? Sales & Marketing: Ticket Sales Management Manager, Ticket Sales & Service – San Francisco 49ers (Santa Clara, CA) The Manager, Ticket Sales & Service is responsible for managing ticket sales for Candlestick Park, which includes, but is not limited to, the following: • Supervision over sales staff call campaigns to sell season and group ticket plans • Strategic development of electronic sales campaigns (e-mail) to support new season ticket and group sales • Management oversight for customer service matters • Sales & service records management via Archtics • Lead generation and data collection • Personnel management and development, including ongoing training and skills assessment • Monthly sales contest and commission reporting • Weekly sales reporting to VP • Management oversight for weekly ticket sales & service meeting Primary Responsibilities: • Supervise daily sales efforts through aggressive outbound phone activity; existing customer referrals; networking events and outside appointments; and, stadium visits • Monitor daily call activity ensuring volume requirements are being met • Provide daily reports and activity summaries as outlined by VP • Provide daily supervisory management of the team’s ticketing database, Archtics, to monitor and organize sales and service activity • Implement ongoing sales and service training throughout the year, including the use of outside professional services combined with weekly best –practices sessions handled internally • Play lead-role toward mitigating service-related issues involving season ticket and group accounts • Establish strong, personal relationships with existing account holders to develop new sales referrals • Meet all pre-determined activity and sales goals for ticket sales and service • Identify new lead sources and manage data collection, lead assignment process • Supervise staffing of sales & service tables during game day and outside events • Assist VP in the planning and implementation of sales and service business plans and initiatives • Assist with creative concepts for production of sales and service material/collateral • Collaborate effectively with all revenue generating departments to achieve organizational sales goals • Assist with all other sales and service duties, as assigned Qualifications and Skills: • 3-5 years of managerial experience involving sales and service with professional sports and entertainment strongly preferred • The ability to handle multiple projects at one time and provide reports and activity summaries as directed • Leading by example is a must, including setting the tone for daily activity and accountability toward new ticket sales and customer service • Experience providing service to season ticket accounts in a management role • Proven written and presentation skills. • Extensive experience with the team ticketing database, Archtics. • Passion for sales, service, and most importantly, leadership • Strong work ethic and desire to build career in professional sports • Bilingual a plus Note: This position was originally posted on the San Francisco 49ers employment site. To ensure that your application is considered for this position, please click here to apply for this job on the San Francisco 49ers employment site.

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Cover Letter(s): Excessive use of the letter “I”

Excessive use of the letter I. -TSR Staff
This statement is the most frequently used when responding to candidate submissions for FREE Résumé and Cover Letter analysis service requests ([email protected]). The Cover Letter is an important part of the career planning process. This document is the 1st point of contact between the candidate and the employer. When writing the Cover Letter, document HOW you meet all of the “minimum requirements” listed in the job description. This will remove your candidacy from the “unqualified candidate” submissions. Next, reduce the number of times you use the letter “I” at the beginning of sentences. Excessive use of the letter I not only displays bad writing skills, but can portray you as self-centered. You should use the letter I no more than 4 occasions within your Cover Letter, which includes use within sentences. Excessive use of the letter I can also mean a lack of emphasis placed on the NEEDS of the employer by the candidate (Ex. I also……, I believe……, etc….). The goal of your Cover Letter is to tell the employer how you intend to ADD value to the position. Don’t address how the position will help you achieve any personal goals you are seeking in career development. There is no perfect method to developing a Cover Letter. However, do not reduce you ability to secure an interview by providing a poorly written Cover Letter. NOTE: Submit your Cover Letter to [email protected] for a free analysis.

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