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SPORTS EMPLOYMENT – How the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affects hiring decisions

The Affordable Care Act (ACT), also known as OBAMACARE is a polarizing topic in our society. A recent Sports Business Journal (www.sportsbusinessjournal.com) article contained quotes from Dick Cass, President of the Baltimore Ravens. In the article, Mr. Cass discussed how the ACA is influencing future hiring decisions of the Ravens (Including Internship opportunities). ——- Taken from the April 21 – 27, 2014 Issue: Sports is different from other industries in other ways. Because it benefits from what several executives referred to as a “coolness dividend,” inexperienced workers, including students, have typically been willing to do almost anything in exchange for minimal compensation, just to get a foot in the industry door. “There’s a history in the sports industry of that,” said Dick Cass, president of the Baltimore Ravens. “There’s a sizzle factor to being employed by an NFL team. They really want to work here. They enjoy working here. It’s a resume-builder from them.” But now, even though many employees are willing to work without health insurance, they must have it. So the cost of letting someone work all day and night to get that foot in the door just got a lot more expensive. For many teams, that may mean at least a modest restructuring of the workforce. “When your hire an intern, it’s now a much more significant hire than it has ever been,” Cass added. “It’s not just a throwaway hire now that the expense of insuring that person is involved. So we start thinking, ‘Should we hire one experienced person full-time rather than three interns?’ Maybe there’s more value there.”   AGAIN, courtesy of the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL.




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What career advice do you have for people wanting into the sports industry?
Very, very simple: Pay attention to the people who are around you, because the people you pass on the way up could be your boss or your client one day. – Kim Smither, Senior Vice President – Wasserman Media Group Courtesy of the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNALwww.sportsbusinessjournal.com

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INSIDERS: Access to Sports Industry Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Sports Industry Job Seekers, Consider joining the new membership platform called the INSIDERS: www.thesportsresume.com/insiders Membership to the INSIDERS provides access to Sports Industry Hiring Managers and Recruiters + the individual positions they post. The Insiders: www.thesportsresume.com/insiders, will be updated daily. Updates include either posting new job opportunities by Recruiter or updating the list of personnel by company. Membership Fee is $0.99 per month (Now featuring ESPN and NIKE) Sign-up for the SPORTS JOBS DAILY: free eNewsletter posting NEW Sports Industry employment and internship opportunities, compatible with any mobile device (Android, Symbian, iPhone/Pad).

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Seeking a Job with the NEW Fox Sports (1) Network?

The new Fox Sports 1 Network is set to go live on August 1, 2013. Billed as a viable competitor to ESPN, Fox Sports 1 will probably grow and expand quickly, which means the addition of new employment opportunities. Fox Sports (News Corporation) currently uses the TALEO Applicant Tracking System software platform to screen all candidate submissions, which includes analyzing the pre-screening question responses attached to each position. Fox Sports, similar to other Sports Industry employers, receive an average of 100 applications per job opening. This type of competition (# of applicant submissions) often causes a level of distress to those seeking employment opportunities within the Sports Industry, those who find a difficult time in at a minimum securing an interview. In order to assist these candidates, we invited the Vice President of Sales for TALEO to present and conduct a workshop at the upcoming SPORTS CAREER CONFERENCE (Registration: http://sportscareerconference.eventbrite.com) The following topics will be covered during the Conference, followed by Q&A: – A typical sports employment application + how it looks to a Recruiter using Taleo – Résumé parsing and Keyword searching – Conceptual Search Technology – where the system looks for related terms – Screening Questions, and how they are used for candidate ranking – ACE Candidates – TALEO term for “flagged” candidates, those who meet all job requirements – The importance of meeting the job description criteria This Conference will be a tremendous benefit to current students. Use the information gathered from the Conference and Workshop to help assist you when applying for Sports Industry INTERNSHIP opportunities this fall (2013).

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